To whom it may concern,

We have been working with Grey Staffing for a few months now, and in this short time frame we have already filled a position that we have been trying to fill for about a year now! Julie and Evelyn took the time to find out all about our company, the work environment, etc. and work hard to pre-screen potential candidates.  This research certainly trims down interview time, as both the candidate and management staff are well informed of each other prior to the interview process.  They have really come through for us and have sent us some great candidates in various levels and departments throughout our company (Engineering, Quality, HR, and Operations departments).    They are great to work with, and understand our needs.

We are very happy with their quality of service, attention to detail, professionalism, as well as the timeliness of delivering candidates that fit our “needle in a haystack” types of positions.

I will continue to highly recommend Grey Staffing to other HR Professionals looking for recruiting assistance.  If you’d like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me via contact information below.

MaryJo McCarthy
HR Manager
Jonal Labs

I’d be happy to refer Grey Staffing.  They filled several machinists positions with us very quickly.  I worked directly with the owners, Julie and Evelyn  who where very professional, personable and knowledgeable.  We will definitely be using them again.

Mark Beaty
Operations Manager

Believe me, I am extremely impressed with you and your Group. You have set a high bar that others can only hope to reach.
Have a great weekend.