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I was fortunate to have such a wonderful staffing service on my side during my search for the perfect job. I would highly recommend Grey Staffing. Evelyn Grey was professional, attentive and caring. She worked with me to help me find a job that matched my skills, and the type of company that I wanted to work for. Thanks again for all your help!

Leslie Maxim / Candidate we placed

It was a pleasure speaking with you.  What a breath of fresh air to have a recruiter that actually calls back and shows concern.  Unfortunately many recruiters are not like that.
Jose Cruz
Greetings Evelyn,

Just completed the application.

Believe me, I am extremely impressed with you and your Group.  You have set a High Bar that others can only hope to reach.
Have a great weekend.


I am very grateful for the opportunity Diane created for me. She is very professional and very dedicated to her job, she is truly amazing! I appreciate her forever.
Dennis Powell


Thank you for taking the time last week to search for a few job opportunities for me.  I have to compliment you, because even though I never landed a job through Grey Staffing, you are more responsive than any recruiter I have ever dealt with.

Not only are you more responsive, but whenever you worked with me, you dug in deep with regard to details that would present me in the best light to the employer.  If I was not a fit, you were always direct in terms of whether or not the opportunities will align with my experience.  For those reasons, I prefer to deal with recruiters not affiliated with the “Randstads” and “Robert Half’s” of the world.  Those places act like your best friend coming out the gate, but you often never hear from them again.

The reason why I wanted to pay this compliment is a few years ago I dealt with a smaller recruiter founded by some very good people.  They were as responsive and as diligent as you.  However, in my opinion, they completely lost their vision when they started to grow by leaps and bounds and began winning national awards.

Don’t get me wrong, they deserved to earn those rewards, but after that they dropped their Compass in the woods and lost sight of their values with regard to responding to every candidate to help them in their journey in terms of growing to be a stronger, more marketable candidate.

Most disappointing for me, is I had given them public praise on many occasions and had a good rapport with their staff members.  Then one day, I spoke to one of the members I had a rapport with (who was not my assigned recruiter), who was advertising for high level sales positions.  They were courteous to me and started to dig into the roles like you did.  That was until they asked me who represented me at their office.  After I confirmed who the recruiter was, I never heard back from either of them.  So, out of curiosity, I contacted the original recruiter I worked with.  This recruiter never responded to me for 9 months after I asked her why I wasn’t chosen for the role.  Whereas, their policy was to always reply to all candidates right away, in keeping with their policy of assisting all job seekers on their journey.  From that experience, it was obvious my recruiter told the other person not to deal with me.  The sad part is, the reason I was not selected 9 months earlier, was a minor issue that would have been valuable for me to know right away, in order that I could restructure my approach.  However, it was obvious by their actions that they were all about earning more awards and tossing candidates to the curb who hinder their ability to earn more rewards.  It hurt me on a personal level, because I knew the CEO from day one and I was always vocal about praising them.  One would think that from that alone, they would have guided me with the little things that could help me build a better profile.

Having said that, I will never publicly bad mouth anyone, nor will I expose who they are.  I told you that story to add to the praise I have or your company vs. my experiences elsewhere.  You are a proof in your industry that “you don’t have to be big, to be great“.  And Grey Staffing is Great.  No matter how many awards that other recruiting company receives, I will always have more respect for how Grey Staffing operates.


Chris Cialone